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In the event your marriage is irrevocably altered and you seek to petition the court for divorce or your spouse has filed for divorce, legal service is necessary for relief of the pressures surrounding divorce.
If you are a victim of domestic violence contact the authorities immediately, a temporary restraining order may help protect you and your children. When a relationship is broken and marriage ends, there are two potential routes, legal separation or dissolution of marriage. For marriages ending with mutual consent, you may be able to file a joint petition. The events leading up to your decision may be complex and the levels of emotion/complexity will guide the next stage of separation. The challenges arrive from different directions and may spiral into larger issues. Legal assistance may harness and guide this life-change. Attorney Ross K Reghabi is experienced and may counsel and advise you throughout the stages of divorce.

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One of the first steps to separation is to petition the court and specify the type of divorce. The two most common types of divorce are Legal Separation or Dissolution of Marriage. Legal Separation means you’re still married but you stopped living with your spouse and you have ended the union. Dissolution of Marriage means you have stopped living with your spouse, and you would like to end all ties or connections you have with them.
One of the standards that measure the complexity of the marriage is the duration of time you were married. When you have been married for 10-20 or more years, you have invested years of your life into the marriage. This may increase the challenges of separation, your day-to-day routine will change and your spouse will no longer be your daily responsibility. A marriage with more time invested may include a family home, a vacation home, children, various friendships, businesses, and communities. California is a ‘no fault state’ and both parties are treated equally. The purpose of equal treatment and no fault, is to separate the union and make two separate individuals whole again. The effort requires the law to separate the marriage. Each individual must make an effort to leave the marriage and the dependency on their former partner. “Making two separate individuals whole again” requires an attorney with a firm hand that will drive your divorce to the destination that is best for you.